Which celebrities would vote for Trump, which for Hillary?

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Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? The American people will have to decide on one of these two candidates for the new US president. And among them many celebrities, actors, musicians, models, who publicly express their support for a candidate contribute to the publicity and influence public opinion.


So which celebrities we know so far, have expressed themselves for the candidate who will vote? In addition, read who will vote for Hillary Clinton and that of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton

1. Oprah

2. Leonardo DiCaprio


3. Ellen DeGeneres

4. Cher

5. Tom Hanks

6. Beyonce


7. Amy Schumer

8. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


9. Britney Spears

10. Katy Perry

11. Matt Damon

12. Lady Gaga

13. George Clooney and Amal


Donald Trump

1. Kid Rock

2. Christy Allen


3. Charlie Sheen

4. Dennis Rodman

5. Mike Tyson


6. Jon Voight

7. Hulk Hogan

8. Tila Tequila



  • Hillary has all winners Trump all the ones I the news for being in trouble


    • Sandi Barron

      Except that most people aren’t delusional and have started uniting. Leo looked fabulous on July 3 when he attended that fundraiser for Hillary at Harvey Weinstein’s home.

  • Leo

    Trump is a racist, lying, Media Whore…..and it`s Kirstie Alley*

  • Donna

    Tell me what kind of Patriotic American could vote for a lying, murderous traitor who has done Nothing for any American… Politically or Personally? How much money has the Clintons donated to any charitable organization? NONE!!
    Trump has donated over 30 million dollars to St Judes Children’s Hospital….. he’s also raised and donated over 7 million for Wounded warriors…and that’s suppose to be our governments job…But since our Government supports ISIS and is the Co-founder of that radical group along with Hillary Clintons …. they don’t do crap for our veterans…
    Who could possibly vote for a woman who is still under investigation for jeopardizing the security of the very Country You live in?
    I’ve never in my life seen people more brain dead then I have this election… I guess Bill Clinton wasn’t a big enough embarrassment to this Country?

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