Former Asst FBI Director: ‘Something fishy going on’ about the way FBI dropped Hillary charges

James Kallstrom, a former assistant director of the FBI, expressed his concern that the agency’s reputation has been sullied by FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, adding that other agents feel the same way.

Kallstrom appeared Tuesday evening on Fox News’ The Kelly File to discuss Comey’s recommendation to not bring charges against Clinton after calling her “extremely careless” with handling classified information. Kallstrom told host Megyn Kelly that he will no longer defend Comey and that the FBI chief has reached a “nonsensical conclusion” in the Clinton investigation.

“I have defended him in the past, but those days are over Megyn,” Kallstrom said. “I thought the events of the last week there was something fishy going on, and here he does, he goes through the whole charging memo. You know, he reads every paragraph of it and then he comes to that nonsensical conclusion that really wasn’t his to make.”

Kallstrom also said he has spoken to two prosecutors who “would take that case in a heartbeat,” adding that he has spoken with about 15 current and former agents who “are basically worried about the reputation of the agency they love, that they’ve worked hard for all their life.”



  • Jon

    Do ya think??

  • Lisa

    The Clinton Crime Syndicate has been paying off and blackmailing people for years. Loretta Lynch and James Comey, in my opinion are on Clintons payroll. Our nation is under siege from within.
    The CLINTONS have been setting this up for years.
    Either we take clinton down or she takes America down.
    Can you say, DICTATORSHIP !

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